A Description Of The Headquarters Of The Rosicrucian Fellowship

Work in the physical world requires physical means of accomplishment;

therefore a tract of land was bought in 1911 in the town of Oceanside,

ninety miles south of Los Angeles, California. Southern California was

selected because of the abundance of ether in the atmosphere there, and

this spot was found to be particularly favored in that respect.

On this commanding site having a wide view of the great Pacific Ocean, of
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snow capped mountains and smiling valleys, we began to establish our

headquarters in the latter part of 1911. Soon after this we erected a

sanctuary, the Pro-Ecclesia, where the Rosicrucian Temple Service is held

at appropriate times. The Rose Cross Healing Circle holds its meetings

there to help sufferers, and it is the place appointed for the united

morning and evening devotions of the workers. In the latter half of 1920

we built an Ecclesia, which is designed to be a Temple of Healing. The

building, a beautiful domed structure, is of steel and reinforced

concrete. It is twelve sided in shape, corresponding to the twelve signs

of the zodiac. At the present writing, January, 1921, the final work upon

it is just being completed. The esoteric work of the Fellowship will be

carried on here.

We have also built a two-story Administration Building to house the

general office, the book department, the correspondence school in

Christian Mysticism which links Headquarters with students all over the

world, and the editorial offices of our monthly publications, notably the

"Rosicrucian Fellowship Magazine--Rays from the Rose Cross." We have also

an astrological department which conducts a correspondence school. Its

offices are located on the second floor.

The whole first floor is occupied by a modern printing plant and book

bindery required to furnish the immense amount of literature needed in

this work. In the book department we publish all the standard works and

text books of the Rosicrucian Philosophy written by Max Heindel. We are

now in process of publishing in book form his former lessons to students.

In October, 1920, a Training School was established for the preparation of

candidates for the lecture field. It is our intention to thereby maintain

a Lecture Bureau, from which we will send our lecturers throughout the

country to disseminate the teachings and carry the message of our

philosophy to the people to a greater extent than has before been


A Dining Hall with seating capacity for over one hundred people affords

ample accommodation for workers, students, and patients. The scientific

meatless diet served there preserves or restores health, as required in

each case. Furthermore, it improves the vitality and mentality in an

astonishing degree. A large dormitory, and a number of cottages and tents

provide living quarters for all.

By the liberal use of water and the expenditure of much labor, Mount

Ecclesia is gradually being transformed into a luxuriant tropical park.

There is a deep spiritual purpose in this attempt to make the visible

centre of the new world movement beautiful, for it fosters in the workers

a poise and peace which are absolutely essential to the proper performance

of their work. Without that they cannot escape being disturbed by the

flood of sorrow and trouble which flows into Headquarters from members all

over the world; without that they cannot continue to put heart into the

letters of help, hope and cheer which continually go out to souls who are

groaning under the burden of sickness, but by bathing their souls in the

beauty of the surroundings, whether consciously or not, they gain in

strength and grow in grace, they become better and better fitted for the

Great Work in the Master's Vineyard.

In order to aid those who feel the upward urge, to prepare intelligently

and reverently for the unfoldment of their inner latent spiritual powers,

the Rosicrucian Fellowship maintains two correspondence courses which

furnish instruction to students all over the world. One deals with

Astrology, the other with Christian Mysticism.

The Astrology to which we refer is not to be confounded with

fortune-telling; it is a phase of the Mystic Religion, as sublime as the

stars with which it deals, and to the Mystic they are not dead bodies

moving in space in obedience to so-called blind natural law, but they are

the embodiments of "The Seven Spirits before the Throne," mighty

Star-Angels who use their benevolent influences to guide other less

exalted beings, humanity included, upon the path of evolution.

There is a side of the moon which we never see, but that hidden half is as

potent a factor in creating the ebb and flow, as the part of the moon

which is visible. Similarly, there is an invisible part of man which

exerts a powerful influence in life, and as the tides are measured by the

motion of sun and moon, so also the eventualities of existence are

measured by the circling stars, which may therefore be called "the Clock

of Destiny," and knowledge of their import is an immense power, for to the

competent Astrologer a horoscope reveals every secret of life.

Thus, when you have given an astrologer the data of your birth, you have

given him the key to your innermost soul, and there is no secret that he

may not ferret out. This knowledge may be used for good or ill, to help or

hurt, according to the nature of the man. Only a friend should be trusted

with this key to your soul, and it should never be given to anyone base

enough to prostitute a spiritual science for material gain.

To the medical man Astrology is invaluable in diagnosing diseases and

prescribing a remedy, for it reveals the hidden cause of all ailments, in

a manner that has often perplexed the skeptic and dumbfounded the scoffer.

The opinion of thousands is of great value, but it does not prove

anything, for thousands may hold an opposite view; occasionally a single

man may be right and the rest of the world wrong, as when Galileo

maintained that the earth moves. Today the whole world has been converted

to the opinion for which he suffered torture, and we assert that, as man

is a composite being, cures are successful only in proportion as they

remedy defects on the physical, moral and mental planes of Being. We also

maintain that results may be obtained more easily at certain times when

stellar rays are propitious to healing of a particular disease, or by

treatment with remedies previously prepared under auspicious conditions.

If you are a parent the horoscope will aid you to detect the evil latent

in your child and teach you how to apply the ounce of prevention. It will

show you the good points also, that you may make a better man or woman of

the soul entrusted to your care. It will reveal systemic weakness and

enable you to guard the health of your child; it will show what talents

are there, and how the life may be lived to a maximum of usefulness.

Therefore, the message of the marching orbs is so important that you

cannot afford to remain ignorant thereof.

In order to aid those who are willing to help themselves we maintain a

Correspondence Class in Astrology, but make no mistake, we do not teach

fortune-telling; if that is what you are looking for, we have nothing for