The Mind

This is the latest acquisition of the human spirit, and in most people who

have not yet accustomed themselves to orderly, consecutive thought, it is

a mere inchoate cloud disposed particularly in the region of the head.

When looking at a person clairvoyantly there appears to be an empty space

in the center of the forehead just above and between the eyebrows. It

looks like the blue part of a gas flame. That is mind stuff which veils
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the human spirit, or Ego, and the writer has been told that not even the

most gifted seer can penetrate that veil which is said to have been spoken

of in ancient Egypt as "the veil of Isis" which none may lift and live,

for behind that veil is the Holy of Holies, the temple of our body, where

the spirit is to be left secure from all intrusion.

To those who have not previously studied the deeper philosophies the

question may occur: But why all these divisions; even the Bible speaks

only of soul and body, for most people believe soul and spirit to be

synonymous terms. We can only answer that this division is not arbitrary

but necessary, and founded upon facts in nature. Neither is it correct to

regard the soul and the spirit as synonymous. Paul himself speaks of the

natural body which is composed of physical substances: solids, liquids,

gases and ethers; he mentions a spiritual body, which is the vehicle of

the spirit composed of the mind and desire body, and the spirit itself,

which is called Ego in Latin or "I" in English.

That term "I" is an appelation which can only be made by the human spirit

of itself. We may all call a dog, dog; or we may call a table, table, and

any one else may apply the same name to the dog and to the table, but only

a human being can be called "I" and only he himself can apply that most

exclusive of all words, I, for this is the badge of self-consciousness,

the recognition by the human spirit of itself as an entity, separate and

apart from all others.

Thus we see that the constitution of man is more complex than appears upon

the surface, and we will now proceed to note the effect upon this

multiplex being of various conditions of life.