The Mystery Of Light Color And Consciousness

"God is Light," says the Bible, and we are unable to conceive of a grander

simile of His Omnipresence, or the mode of His manifestation. Even the

greatest telescopes have failed to reach the boundaries of light, though

they reveal to us stars millions of miles from the earth, and we may well

ask ourselves, as did the Psalmist of old: Whither shall I flee from Thy

Presence? If I ascend into heaven Thou art there, If I make my bed in

grave (the Hebrew word sheol means grave and not hell), Thou art

there, If I take the wings of morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of

the sea, even there shall thy hand lead me.

When, in the dawn of Being, God the Father enunciated The Word, and

The Holy Spirit moved upon the sea of homogeneous Virgin Matter,

primeval Darkness was turned to Light. That is therefore the prime

manifestation of Deity, and a study of the principles of Light will reveal

to the mystic intuition a wonderful source of spiritual inspiration. As it

would take us too far afield from our subject we shall not enter into an

elucidation of that theme here, except so far as to give an elementary

idea of how divine Life energizes the human frame and stimulates to


Truly, God is ONE and undivided, He enfolds within His Being all that is,

as the white light embraces all colors. But He appears three-fold in

manifestation, as the white light is refracted in three primary colors:

Blue, Yellow and Red. Wherever we see these colors they are emblematical

of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These three primary rays of divine

Life are diffused or radiated through the sun and produce Life,

Consciousness and Form upon each of the seven light-bearers, the

planets, which are called "the Seven Spirits before the Throne." Their

names are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. Bode's

law proves that Neptune does not belong to our solar system and the reader

is referred to "Simplified Scientific Astrology" by the present writer,

for mathematical demonstration of this contention.

Each of the seven planets receives the light of the sun in a different

measure, according to its proximity to the central orb and the

constitution of its atmosphere, and the beings upon each, according to

their stage of development, have affinity for some of the solar rays. They

absorb the color or colors congruous to them, and reflect the remainder

upon the other planets. This reflected ray bears with it an impulse of the

nature of the beings with which it has been in contact.

Thus the divine Light and Life comes to each planet, either directly from

the sun, or reflected from its six sister planets, and as the summer

breeze which has been wafted over blooming fields carries upon its silent

invisible wings the blended fragrance of a multitude of flowers, so also

the subtle influences from the garden of God bring to us the commingled

impulses of all the Spirits and in that varicolored light we live and move

and have our being.

The rays which come directly from the sun are productive of spiritual

illumination, the reflected rays from other planets make for added

consciousness and moral development and the rays reflected by way of the

moon give physical growth.

But as each planet can only absorb a certain quantity of one or more

colors according to the general stage of evolution there, so each being

upon earth: mineral, plant, animal and man can only absorb and thrive upon

a certain quantity of the various rays projected upon the earth. The

remainder do not affect it or produce sensation, any more than the blind

are conscious of light and color which exist everywhere around them.

Therefore each being is differently affected by the stellar rays and the

science of Astrology a fundamental truth in nature, of enormous benefit in

the attainment of spiritual growth.

From a horoscopic figure in mystic script we may learn our own strength

and weakness, with the path best suited to our development, or we may see

the tendencies of those friends who come to us as children, and what

traits are dormant in them. Thus we shall know clearly how to discharge

our duty as parents, by repressing evil before it comes to birth and

fostering good, so that it may bring forth most abundantly the spiritual

potencies of the soul committed to our care.

As we have already said, man returns to earth to reap that which he has

sown in previous lives and to sow anew the seeds which make for future

experience. The stars are the heavenly time keepers which measure the

year, the moon indicates the month when time will be propitious to harvest

or to sow.

The child is a mystery to us all, we can only know its propensities as

they slowly develop into characteristics, but it is usually too late to

check when evil habits have been formed and the youth is upon the downward

grade. A horoscope cast for the time of birth in a scientific manner shows

the tendencies to good or evil in the child, and if a parent will take

time and trouble necessary to study the science of the stars, he or she

may do the child intrusted to his or her care an inestimable service by

fostering tendencies to good and repressing the evil bent of a child ere

it has crystallized into habit. Do not imagine that a superior

mathematical knowledge is necessary to erect a horoscope. Many construct a

horoscope in such an involved manner, so "fearfully and wonderfully made"

that it is unreadable to themselves or others, while a simple figure easy

of reading may be constructed by anyone who knows how to add and subtract.

This method has been thoroughly elucidated in Simplified Scientific

Astrology which is a complete text book, though small and inexpensive, and

parents who have the welfare of their children thoroughly at heart should

endeavor to learn for themselves, for even though their ability may not

compare with that of a professional astrologer, their intimate knowledge

of the child and their deep interest will more than compensate for such

lack and enable them to see most deeply into the child's character by

means of its horoscope.