The World Of Thought

When we have attained the spiritual development necessary to consciously

enter the World of Thought and leave the Desire World, which is the realm

of light and color, we pass through a condition which the occult

investigator calls The Great Silence.

As previously stated, the higher Regions of the Desire World exhibit the

marked peculiarity of blending form and sound, but when one passes through

the Great
ilence, all the world seems to disappear and the spirit has the

feeling of floating in an ocean of intense light, utterly alone, yet

absolutely fearless, since unimbued with a sense of its form or sound, nor

past or future, but all is one eternal NOW. There seems to be neither

pleasure nor pain and yet there is no absence of feeling but it all seems

to center in the one idea:--"I am"! The human Ego stands face to face

with itself as it were, and for the time being all else is shut out. This

is the experience of anyone who passes that breach between the Desire

World and the World of Thought, whether involuntarily, in the course of an

ordinary cyclic pilgrimage of the soul, which we shall later elucidate

when speaking of the post-mortem existence, or by an act of the will, as

in the case of the trained occult investigator, all have the same

experience in transition.


There are two main divisions in the Physical World: the Chemical Region

and the Etheric Region. The World of Thought also has two great

subdivisions: The Region of concrete Thought and the Region of abstract


As we specialize the material of the Physical World and shape into a dense

body, and as we form the force-matter of the Desire World into a desire

body, so do we appropriate a certain amount of mindstuff from the Region

of concrete Thought; but we, as spirits, clothe ourselves in

spirit-substance from the Region of abstract Thought and thereby we become

individual, separate Egos.